Here are some of the testimonials I’ve received.


Having realised that I spend so much time in my future instead of the here and now I found Mindfulness an interesting topic. Shamash is a very good speaker and I will definately be doing his 21day e-course – Christine

Great topic and great speaker. Another fab talk. – Sandrine

Shamash was a brilliant speaker and we did a couple mindful exercises. – Andoni

Really interesting and informative talk from Shamash. Already putting in place some of the exercises. – Conrad

Wonderfully inspiring – after Shamash’s teachings I walked back through the park mindfully and felt terrific when I got home. – Nina Grunfeld, Author

An informative and relaxing evening, I will be doing more research into the subject. Shamash was an engaging speaker, and I enjoyed the evening. – Pamela

Some very simple things to inject calm into busy London lives – very engaging speaker and comfortable accessible venue. Thanks! – Shobha

Good overview of very interesting subject and really liked the practical examples of the meditations, particularly the listening meditation to such beautiful music….Shamash has an engaging and relaxed style which made it accessible. Thanks for organising it! – Tanya

Excellent and informative – Terri

t was a good talk. delivered in a relaxed and humorous manner. Felt relaxed when I left as there had been a steady build up of gentle energy throughout the talk. – John Finlayson

I really enjoyed the lecture given by Shamash and felt that he gave a very professional presentation. I learnt a lot and am busy making that gratitude list, I am very grateful that I found your college so that is on my list!

– Cynthia Soal


Coming soon. If you have a testimonial for me, just email it and I’d be happy to pop it on here, together with your crudentials. Thank you so much! Shamash

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