Teacher Training

Mindfulness is popular at the moment because there is evidence to prove its effectiveness. Mindfulness reduces depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and a host of other stress-related illnesses. Teaching mindfulness can be a fulfilling and exciting activity. If you have been practising mindfulness for at least a year and would like to share your passion with other, then you may be interested in our mindfulness teacher training programme. This is a unique opportunity to be trained with a well-known author in the field.

Where is the training located?

Our main offering is an online training with participants both in the UK and worldwide. Click here for details of our mindfulness teacher training programme online.

What are the benefits of teaching mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a powerful, evidence-based way to help others, whether they are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, or if they want to improve their level of performance, focus or wellbeing.

When does the next training start?

The programmes dates and free, no obligation application is here.

What are the details of the programme?

This is a ten session programme based around the clinically proven ‘Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction’ and ‘Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy’. The training is offered by Shamash Alidina, international author and keynote speaker. Email us for more information.