Today, we are launching a brand-new radio show called…..’The Shamash Alidina Radio Show’. ¬† Ok, it’s not the most creative title in the world, but since I’m Shamash,

and I’m running the radio show, it made sense to keep it simple.

So, I hear you say, what’s gonna be on the show? I’m glad you asked. Well, I like interviewing people, so it’ll primarily be a show to interview different speakers in the field of health, wellbeing, mindfulness and creating a successful life.

The radio show will be on 

The first episode is today, 23 May 2012, and I shall be interviewing Kate Burton, Author of Confidence for Dummies, NLP for Dummies and many more books!

If you know any authors or researchers that would be perfect for this show, email me on shamash (at) and I’ll pop them on my list of people to interview one day.

Thank you and much love. 


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