One to One Coaching

Shamash Alidina is a Professional Mindfulness Consultant. He offers personal, one to one Mindfulness Consultations discreetly in his clinics, based in Holborn (Central London), on Theobald’s Road, or in Harley Street, Oxford Circus.

You can book an initial 1.5 hour session which includes an assessment and opportunity to find out about how the mindfulness training takes place, as well as learning some key mindfulness techniques. To find out more, contact us.

After that, you’re recommended to complete an eight-session mindfulness training ideally. Each session is typically 1.5 hours long and a long list of past clients have found the process to be totally life-changing. Some have continued to have sessions to help support their practice, whereas others have found eight sessions to be sufficient.

The one to one sessions are useful for:

  – Reducing stress

  – Managing anxiety

  – Reducing the recurrence of depression

  – Reducing insomnia

  – Managing chronic pain

  – Calming down your mind

  – Boosting your immune system

  – Improving focus and creativity

  – Increasing performance


By doing the full one to one training, you are likely to:

  – Reduce the time you spend in other therapies

  – Feel happier and more fulfilled

  – Live more in the present moment

  – Improve your relationships

  – Protect yourself from future bouts of anxiety or depression

To book your initial session, or to ask any questions, contact us today. We’re happy to help.