Mindfulness Workshop 30/01/11

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“Want to make a fresh and stress-free start to 2011?

Want to feel positive and create some mind space?

Learn Mindfulness Meditation in an interactive and practical workshop from the Author of Best Selling Book ‘Mindfulness For Dummies’.”



10am – 4pm


Fee: £50 per person : sign up for two & receive £10 discount

Spaces limited – book early to avoid disappointment

In this workshop you will:

– Be introduced to the concept of mindfulness;

– Discover

the benefits of mindful living;

– Experience some extended core mindfulness practices including ‘body scan’ and ‘mindful sitting’ meditation;

– Enjoy a sense of greater focus and relaxation;

– Experience mindful walking;

– Learn how to integrate mindfulness in your daily life;

– Find out how you can deepen your mindful practice.

Join us for this one-day workshop and discover the proven benefits of mindfulness.

Please complete and return the booking form from the link below:

BOOKING FORM FOR Workshop with Shamash Alidina

Shamash Alidina is one of the UK’s top mindfulness trainers.

He is bestselling author of Mindfulness for Dummies and has featured in a number of newspapers and magazines.

Shamash has taught mindfulness for more than a decade, and has taught and managed a secondary school where most of the students practised meditation on a daily basis.

Shamash is founder of ‘Learn Mindfulness’, an organisation that trains both the public and therapists and coaches in evidence-based mindfulness both in person in London,

and through distance learning worldwide.

Shamash has trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli PhD at the Center for Mindfulness in Massachusetts, United States,

and with the Centre of Mindfulness at Bangor University in Wales.

Mindfulness is a hot topic in the press right now. The NHS, Google and the BBC all recommend mindfulness.

What’s it all about? Well, mindfulness is a way of developing greater focus and calm, and offers a way of reducing stress, anxiety and depression in a clinically proven approach.

By practising mindfulness meditations, you become more aware of your surroundings as well as your thoughts, emotions and body in a warm, friendly and accepting way.

This gently transforms your state of mind from habitually worrying or stressing out, to a greater sense of freedom, choice and peace.

At this one-day workshop you can try mindfulness for yourself and learn techniques and tips that will vastly improve your daily quality of life.

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