Mindfulness programme for reducing blood pressure


Learn Mindfulness offers an eight sessions one

to one or in a small group programme for managing high blood pressure. 

The programme combines relaxation exercises with mindfulness meditation to help manage high blood pressure. Apart from reducing blood pressure, the programme aims to:

  –  Offer techniques for managing stress in your daily life
   – Explore new ways of seeing your current life challenges
   – Encourage daily meditation practice
   – Identify moments in your day when your stress levels are rising
   – Help support you in integrating mindfulness into your day

This specific training is designed to elicit a specific response in your body called the ‘relaxation response’. This is not something that always comes naturally. By doing the exercises, the relaxation response is switched on, and with regular practice, it becomes second nature.

Obviously, you still need to continue to see your doctor and take the recommended meditation until your doctor tells you otherwise. You should let your doctor know that you’re doing this programme.

Contact us if you’d like to invest in this approach to help manage your health condition.

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