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Mindfulness Meditation Teacher TrainingIf you already practice mindfulness, the next step may be to investigate mindfulness meditation teacher training, and train yourself toguide others throughmindfulness techniques and reach a better quality of life. You may also happily find that this career path will help you too. Mindfulness meditation teacher training will not only equip you with the skills needed to teach mindfulness, but will improve your own techniques and personal well-being, simply because you will be doing more of it!

What are the benefits?
You already know about the benefits that mindfulness brings to the individual, but through teaching it yourself, you’ll help others to learn the techniques that bring peace to a hectic life. It is a hugely fulfilling job.Teaching others what you already know to be an essential life tool is immensely satisfying, and it’s certainly a jobthat actively gives back to others.

On top of the emotional benefits, it’s a good second income stream for you too. If you are already a health professional, or hoping to become one, thenmindfulness meditation teacher training will enhance your CV, and give the impression that you are a rounded individual with a good deal to offer – which of course, you are!

What are the drawbacks?
It will take time to teach others mindfulness. It isn’t easy to begin with. For example, different people find different sensations, colours, textures and sights relaxing and/or stimulating. Finding the best ways toguide them through can be a journey in itself.

Of course, there will also be financial costs involved, which, although lower than the traditional classroom based course fees, may be challenging in the current economic circumstances.
If you currently practice mindfulness, you’ll find thatin order to be a good teacher, you’ll need to become more involved in the practice, meditating often and simply practicing what you preach. You will need time and space in your life to achieve this goal.

The Challenge of Technology
If you are not technologically minded, or you are used to learning in the physical classroom, it will take some time to get used to the online learning environment. It won’t be long before you have orientated yourself though! It’s good practice if you intend to offer teaching yourself. Many students take up online courses now. If you can’t offer online teaching to them, you may be at a disadvantage in the market place.

Benefits of learning in the online classroom
Possibly the greatest benefit is that there is no travelling. It can be hard to spend time driving to your destination, getting stuck in traffic and becoming tense – the last thing you need when you are embarking on a mindfulness meditation teacher training course! The online classroom allows you to stay relaxed and calm in your own personal space.There are lower costs involvedtoo, because there’s no need to hire premises and deal with insurance issues.

The sessions are recorded, so you can listen to them again when you need to, and follow up mentoring is also available online, you aren’t just abandoned after the course end.

You may worry that you’ll miss out on the social aspect of learning in a traditional classroom, but this course pairs you with other students, so you can practice techniques over Skype or on the phone. In addition, you’llbe expected to interact with students potentially from all over the world, not just those that could make the travelling distance. The social aspect will be whatever you choose to make it.

The mindfulness meditation teacher training course is taught by a qualified mindfulness teacher and author.Visit www.teachmindfulnessonline.com to see if this kind of learning is for you. It could turn out to be the best investment you ever made.

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