A Mindfulness-based approach for treating Tinnitus

Tinnitus, commonly called ringing in the ears, is a condition where continuous sounds of ringing, swishing, or even whistling, is heard by the person. Quite often, it’s resolved automatically and never a serious problem. However, the constant sound become nagging overtime and can lead to frustration. The sound is heard only by the person enduring it and others hearing, is very rare. Also, not so often, Tinnitus can be a symptom of an underlying serious health condition. The main problem associated with Tinnitus is that, the constant sound becomes frustrating for the person, resulting in lack of sleep, hypertension and restlessness. While most don’t hear loud noises, few do hear, which makes the problem even worse. 

Most treatments don’t help with managing the condition and often is just an escape from the sound. One approach gaining popularity of late is Mindfulness. It’s originally an eastern form of Meditation, though practiced by all people alike. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is all about acknowledging the condition and accepting it. It believes that, by a person acknowledging the sound and getting used to it, in fact, accepting it, they longer feel it as indifferent. A combination of breathing exercise and meditation, this works wonders for those enduring Tinnitus. 

Over the last few years alone, increasing number of doctors have recommended this method for their patients, according to a Harvard report. It’s a known fact that Meditation helps alleviate stress, depression and other disorders. Science also backs up this claim and the same line, the stress and other emotional issues associated with Tinnitus are dealt with, resulting in reduction of the overall problem. It’s more of acceptance and acknowledging the situation and learning to live with it. In the year 2008, researchers in the UK, conducted a test with about 25 chronic Tinnitus sufferers. They were suggested Mindfulness and the results were astonishing. The improvement was not only during the testing period, but also continued when a follow-up was done about three months later.

Unlike many other methods that try to avoid the problem and distract one’s focus, Mindfulness is all about concentrating on the problem! Many of us do know, with increased and consistent pain, brain tunes to it and no longer feels the pain. Likewise, Mindfulness is all about tuning the brain. By diverting the focus, one is trying to escape the real problem, instead of facing it. Mindfulness teaches one to acknowledge the constant sound, or noise and the brain gets comfortable with it. Rather than running away from a problem, acknowledging and accepting it, reduces stress and mind is relaxed. This way, the once huge problem, no longer seems to be a problem!

It’s ideal to learn mindfulness through a professional.

I have helped several clients overcome Tinnitus though my distance learning one-to-one programme ‘Mindfulness for Tinnitus’. Alternatively, you could join our online group mindfulness course or learn it in person in London. If these options don’t appeal to you, you could seek out a professional mindfulness teacher in your area.

To enquire about our mindfulness for tinnitus courses, contact us. We’re happy to have a free conversation with you, to assess if this is the right approach for you now.

Disclaimer: Always seek the advice of a medical professional before you take on any other advice.

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