Mark Campion

Learn Mindfulness Manchester

I have always had an affinity with meditation, stemming back I suppose to my time at art school in the late seventies/early eighties. This has always stayed with me and has shaped the route I have later taken with my studies in stress management.

I have spent the last 25 years working with people who work in some of what are seen as the most high risk stressful jobs. I have been lucky along the way to work with some inspirational teachers who have deepened my understanding of both the physiology of stress and how the scattered mind contributes to it. I have studied many different strategies of stress management and try wherever possible to incorporate bits of them all when working with clients, usually to great effect.

My introduction to mindfulness came about eight years ago. Following some personal troubles in my life, I was diagnosed with depression due to stress, something which was totally bewildering to me as I thought it was something that happened to other people, not me!! I was prescribed anti-depressants but thought there must be more, I began to read and research and via studies I had already completed with regard to stress and detatchment theory I soon found mindfulness. Its basis in meditation struck a chord with me so I began to study and develop my own mindfulness practice, something, which to this day, I believe has kept me mentally and emotionally “fit and healthy”.

I have since completed training to become a mindfulness teacher which has deepened my understanding even further. I love teaching and really enjoy passing this knowledge on to others and, in turn, learning things from my clients. Every day brings new learning for me from those I work with.

I approach my work with professionalism, dedication, compassion and good humour. I have a history of engaging meaningfully with clients and of achieving results through both individual work and group training programmes.